Sheri Chapman loves to laugh frequently and enjoys life.  She loves to write multi-genre fiction. From memoirs to paranormal to horror to romance, she always has a computer nearby to write whatever inspires her.

Sheri began working for Ruscsak Films and Publishing, a new company, in the summer of 2019.  She is part of a team that make dreams come true.  Sheri writes for the company’s publishing arm, Dove and Dragon Publishing, and will assume more responsibilities for the Ruscsak Films once she retires from teaching.  She has a few books on the Read-it-Before-You-See-It list.  If all goes to plan, Wild Passion, renamed “Captive Heart” will be filmed in 2020.

Professionally, Sheri works as a teacher in Missouri Public schools and plans to retire in May of 2020 with thirty years of experience.  She got her bachelor’s degree and first masters in special education from Missouri State University.  Later, she decided to pursue administration and got a second master’s and a specialist degree from Lindenwood University in educational leadership.  Instead of becoming a principal or person in a district’s central office, she decided to raise her favorite animal: Pomeranian dogs.  Sheri raises exotic-colored fluffy babies and sells them to people who love to hold their little princesses or princes.  She is licensed and inspected by Missouri State, USDA, her vet, and AKC. Someday, when she has less on her plate, Sheri would love to show her unusually colored dogs.

Personally, Sheri is the mother of four beautiful daughters.  They are the apples of her eye!  She and their father enjoy spending time with each other, family, and friends.  Aside from reading and writing, Sheri loves animals and being outdoors.  She likes going for walks, being around bodies of water, playing games, and watching movies.  Sheri is a big Harry Potter fan.

On her bucket list, she would like to scuba dive off the Great Barrier Reef, go to London, and travel the world a bit. She would also love to meet Simon Cowell, JK Rowling, and all of the actors in the Potter movies.

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