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Wild Passion Ebook official.jpg
Wild Passion (Book 1 Passion Series)


Adult Historical Fiction - Romance           Word Count: 106,780

When Kaitlin’s father promised her hand to the foulest individual in the newly settled town, she decided she’d had enough! No man would control her anymore! Kaitlin packed her meager belongings and headed out on foot from their remote home to find refuge in the small town. However, she marched straight from one man’s command into another’s. The Oglala War chief on a mission for revenge found a beautiful woman to rescue. Once the warrior had saved the girl’s life, she owed it to him forever. Tamed by the wild culture of these caring but fierce people, Kaitlin learns that freedom isn’t always defined by personal expectations. Being a slave could never be an option, but how could she ever want liberty when her freedom is claimed by an attractive war chief who has also captured her heart?

Passions of the Heart (Book 2 Passion Series)



Adult Historical Fiction - Romance                 Word Count: 117,905

Kaitlin Farley, now known as Mazaska Zi Ista by her Oglala band members, has been blessed by the Great Spirit!  She is preparing to marry her promised one, the attractive and fierce war chief.  Enemy warriors, however, have different plans.  Kaitlin is captured and used as bait to lure the mighty Spirit Bear to his demise.  


How can such a man live a leader’s life when his heart and drive have been stolen from his side?  The war chief must make an imposing decision:  does he risk his community for the life of his one true love, or does he let the only woman to stir his blood go and be lost to him forever?

Chief Spirit Bear ebook cover.png
Chief Spirit Bear: Rise to Power 
(A Passion Series story)


Adult Historical Fiction - Romance                 Word Count: 26,348

Basking in the golden warmth from their pit fire, Spirit Bear and his pregnant wife, Kaitlin, share a lazy morning together. It was spring, and a nasty storm was rolling in. It was a perfect time for staying inside and sharing.

Kaitlin, still fairly new to the Oglala Sioux people's ways, was curious about her husband's past. Should their child be born a boy, Kaitlin wanted to know what it will be like for their son to grow up in the shadow of his father, a mighty war chief. Spirit Bear was happy to share his experiences with her. He recounted his history by highlighting his major coups. He whisked Kaitlin back to a time when his name was Red Hawk.

EyesWNSoul (1).jpg
Eyes with No Soul


Young Adult Paranormal Suspense                Word Count: 15,334

Have you ever felt the presence of evil? Like someone was watching you… Stalking you? What if you were right?

A Killer, Revisited

A Killer, Revisited Paint cover.png



         JUNE 22, 2021 

Science Fiction with a touch of horror      Word Count:       


​Detective Jewels Polten is one of the best at tracking down murderers, but something beyond her experience has come to her city.  When the serial killer reaches out to her in a letter, she discovers that very powerful players are involved, and she must figure out how everything ties together.  Will she be able to stop an Army experiment gone rogue?  


Wattpad is a site I write on every once in a while.  You can read books from aspiring authors for free.  Check out my site:  

I love to write, and most of my books have some sort of thrill or suspense. Having said that, I write across genres. From children books to horror, I hope I have something you'll enjoy. I have many books in-the-works. Most are not yet complete, but check back!  I hope to add them as time permits.  Thank you.

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