I am a member of Ruscsak Film and Publishing where books and movies collide.  Many of my projects are up to be made into movies for upcoming years!


Captive Heart, network movie, rated PG13

Wild Passion is going to be a PG13 movie renamed Captive Heart!  I'm so excited to get this project into production!  Currently, we are in pre-production.  All actors have been chosen.


A Killer, Revisited


This is a short story I am currently adding to for filming and book publishing purposes


     The government has a plan for the perfect killing machine. The Army created a flawless soldier in a lab: a clone.  The issue was he needed a soul in order to awaken.  A counselor of death row inmates, also involved in the experiment, studies these men in order to discover the vibrational frequency of the murderer’s soul before his execution.  Then, at the time of the inmate’s death, his soul would be transferred into the cloned soldier to propel him to life. 

     The doctors had no way of knowing that once the fighter received the deceased’s soul, his personality would also shine through.  The newly awakened soldier, Wylie, rebels against the extreme measures the military imposes on him to keep him under control.

     With an arsenal of state-of-the-art weapons placed at his disposal, Wylie begins a vendetta to execute those involved in the experiment in order to gain his freedom. In the quest for the perfect soldier assassin, has the Army gotten more than it bargained for?


Predatory Evil


This is also a short story that will need to be reworked to be transitioned into a script and longer work (book) for publication purposes.


     Spring is normally the time of rebirth, but the winds of March blew in something unexpected.  Instead of delicate blossoms and unfurling leaves, the gates of Hell cracked open.  Oily, black snake-like demons were unleashed on a helpless Tennessee community.  Not only did they torture their victims and eat them alive, but they also ruthlessly drained all life from the land.  It was up to the resident psychic to alert the local police so they could plea for help from the government’s elite.  Not even the professionals were equipped to stop the creatures’ unbridled evil.    If the specialists didn’t discover how to fight the entities quickly, the community, and possibly the world, was doomed. 


The Other Side of Privileged

Again, this is currently a short story to be reworked


     Zoey had always loved Cinderella, and as a surprise, her family took her to Disney on her eighth birthday.  Zoey’s childhood dream came true: she got to meet her princess idol!  On that fateful day, however, Zoey’s life changed dramatically.  The nice lady she met in the restroom was a trafficker who stole her away from her family. 

     Zoey grew up as a hard-working slave until a hot lined call opened up a Division of Family Services investigation.  Chance, the attractive tutor assigned to work with her, was suspicious of the family’s story.  Could Zoey trust him enough to open up her heart?   Was he the key she’d been waiting for? 

MUCH more to come!